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OpiPets AMA with Blockman

April 19, 2022
OpiPets AMA with Blockman. Picture depicting OpiPets directors.

We recently ran an AMA with Blockman about our project; OpiPets.

Here is the resulting conversation:

Q1 3 killer features of your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

OpiPets will be one of the first GameFi platforms that allow users to play to earn and stake that earned cryptocurrency, all without paying a single penny. We will also have one-of-kind hand-drawn characters with almost limitless customisation options.

OpiPets is a place where anyone can make it. It’s not about what you start with but what you do with that start. It drives entrepreneurship. There are various avenues to wealth on the digital planet Opis I where OpiPets takes place. The community will need to find a way to earn that suits them with skills they may never have known they had because they never had the opportunity to use them before. It’s not just about NFTs, it’s not just another battle game… it’s an entire world where the user can earn, grow and flourish.

The second feature is the dynamic and evolving nature of NFTs and how they are implemented into the game. Your NFTs evolve with you as you progress on Opis I. You can level them up in training schools, increase their battle stats and interact with them on a regular basis to keep them happy. In OpiPets, customisation and personalisation of NFTs take things to the next level; with thousands of colours, skins, and wearables to acquire by purchase, loot drops and random events. 

Lastly, the scope of our project is far and away ahead of the competition. The way in which we are implementing our roadmap allows us to create an entire world for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. We don’t just want people to earn playing OpiPets, we want people to enjoy it. 

Q2) What problem(s) can OpiPets solve, that other DeFi platforms can’t?

DeFi in OpiPets is built to be sustainable. As OpiPets is already funded, the focus is on building a community of players to ensure a sustainable project. The more players that get involved the more stable the economics and Tokenomics become. 

Once you look deeper into play-to-earns, you will find two types; pay-to-play-to-earn and free-to-play-to-earn. Pay-to-play’s are problematic because they focus predominantly on making money running into problems with liquidity, new player acquisition and inflation in the long term. Pay-to-plays will never achieve the same amount of players as free-to-plays by limiting their userbase and the ability to progress in the game. Placing too much emphasis on the presale and the governance token for whales but lacking gameplay and regular players will inevitably leave many people wondering why a game that started off going so well, ended up going so badly. 

The OpiPets economy token is separated from the governance token to protect the community from outside speculators whose only interest is profit, from ruining the value they have created through their in-game efforts. It’s not fun to watch your time and value washed away by token volatility for the benefit of crypto investors. Protecting our community from traditional play-to-earn models that are exposed to external price manipulation provides them with stability regarding token reward rates. 

Q3) What steps have been taken to improve the value of the in-game token?

The in-game token is cross-functional with our other projects so its value is impacted by the performance of those as well. Additionally, our structure allows us to keep the mint rate to a minimum while still adequately rewarding our users and not causing mass inflation – almost eliminating the need for constant burns.

Q4) How can users earn on OpiPets?

There are multiple ways to earn while playing OpiPets, We are striving to make certain that our project isn’t just another cookie-cutter pet battler with poor graphics and a lack of story.

The main ways a user may earn include but are not limited to:

> Logging in each day

> Completing the daily quests and dungeons

> Playing over 50 arcade minigames (rewards based on skill – along with additional for those who top the leader boards each month)

> Scouring the player-led marketplaces (trades, user shops) for underpriced or leverageable items to resell within their own marketplace (trades, user shops)

>  Completing further procedurally generated dungeon content with scaling rewards

> Customizing, training and equipping your pets to mint into NFTs for sale

> Battling against other players for generic rewards or stake OPI / Items against one another.

Q5) How is OpiPets reducing the barrier of entry to DeFi and P2E – Free to play to earn…

OpiPets truly is a free to play to earn game and we believe one of the first of its kind. Users can create an account and begin earning in-game tokens without the need to connect a wallet or deposit anything at all. This allows our users to earn everything needed to make more significant gains further down the line (including the minting fees etc) from within the game. Once the player is ready to cash out or sell minted tokens on the open market, they can connect their wallet and initiate a withdrawal. 

Q6) What makes OpiPets staking different from other Play-2-Earn platforms

The true difference between our offering and anything else currently available on the market is that we allow you to passively earn via staking using the in-game “bank” with no need to deposit in the first instance. You can earn your OPI as stated above, and then stake it within the game to earn passively.

Q7) Can you give details on your tokenomics and how it is designed toward sustaining your platform

The Tokenomics are pretty straightforward, there is the initial mint of both the governance token and the utility token. The governance is not mintable, meaning there will only ever be 500 million of them. The utility token is mintable but a large portion of the transaction fee’s across the Opiverse are burned in order to keep inflation under control. A portion is also put into the liquidity pool, which will provide liquidity for transactions within the economy preventing utility tokens from being minted at a high rate.

Along with the above, the way in which the economy of the game is structured allows us to mint at a rate circa 100x lower / slower than Axie for instance, which gives our token the possibility of large increases in value over the medium to long term. The structure of our tokenomics alongside the in-game trading, staking, user-owned shops and earning tokens through actual effort combines macro and microeconomics to create a self-sufficient and scalable in-game economy.

Q8: Have you completed your IDO and if not when is the proposed date or timeline – End of Q2

We are planning an IDO for later this year (Q2/Q3). Before that happens we want to be totally satisfied that our tokenomics, smart contract security and the overall stability of our project match the expectations of our growing community. We believe far too many crypto projects launch early to the detriment of their communities and projects.

Additional Information

For more information about OpiPets, read this article explaining the game.

Additionally, check out our medium page and our whitepaper.


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